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Annie Moses Band

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Annie Moses Band
Thursday, September 17, 2015 7:30 PM
Harvester Performance Center, Rocky Mount, VA
  • All Ages
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Meet Annie Moses Band

The Annie Moses Band has been inspiring and entertaining audiences for over a decade, bringing their distinctive style of music across the nation and around the world.  A captivating blend of folk and classical, the Annie Moses Band is a talented ensemble of songwriters, singers, and musicians, combining technical skill with exhilarating showmanship. 

    The Band's innovative sound has delighted audiences around the world - in record breaking numbers of airings on PBS and on stages as diverse as Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry.  The members of the Band are also family.  Veteran composer, Bill Wolaver, weaves musical styles together into cinematic arrangements while the virtuosic siblings bring Juilliard-honed chops to Nashville-styled music-making.  

    The Annie Moses Band combines the best of beloved genres in a style that unifies audiences, young and old, classical connoisseurs and roots enthusiasts, jazz aficionados and bluegrass buffs.  This is outstanding music.


Annie Wolaver Dupre is a violinist and vocalist, wife and mother. Named after her great-grandmother, Annie Moses, she was born with a love of singing. At the inspiration of her mother, Annie began violin lessons the week before her fifth birthday.

A natural performer and musician, Annie excelled from a young age, winning many local, state and national competitions. At the age of 13 she made her debut as soloist with a professional orchestra and at 15 was accepted as a scholarship student to the pre-college division of the Juilliard School where she was a featured chamber musician and concert mistress of the Juilliard Pre-college Orchestra. In 2001 Annie was accepted as a scholarship student to the collegiate division of the Juilliard School.

Though her early ambitions took her to great heights as a classical musician, Annie's love for singing and the joy of making music with her siblings led her, alongside her family, to found the Annie Moses Band. Annie considers each opportunity to perform and create with her family to be a great gift.

In 2010 Annie married Scott Dupre, and they are now the parents of two children. In addition to her love of music, Annie enjoys traveling, reading, fashion, naps, cooking, and sharing great food with her family. Her epicurean passions include iced tea, dark chocolate, berries, bread pudding, fried squash, and toast.


William Alexander Wolaver was, in some fashion, named after both William the Conqueror and Alexander The Great. His penchant for conquest was revealed at the fragile age of four, when, as his mother recalls, he stormed into the kitchen in a torrent of frustration. When asked what was the matter, Alex erupted, "I want to be the greatest doctor in the whole wide world, but the girls won't let me!" This was the beginning.

Alex began conquering the violin at the age of four, and after five years decided the viola was a more appropriate target, with its larger size and deeper, manlier tone. They made a good match, and within five more years Alex and his Viola were accepted to study at the Juilliard School, where he was said by some to be the youngest student to ever audition with the daunting Bartók Viola Concerto, the most difficult piece in the instrument's repertoire. While at Juilliard he performed in many chamber music groups, among them a hand-picked string quartet coached by the legendary Itzhak Perlman. He also served as principle violist for the Juilliard Pre-College Symphony.

While conquering the viola, Alex decided to tangle with the technological side of music. He began his music production career in the school of hard knocks, surviving many a technological meltdown in his basement studio laboratory. Over the years, he learned the ropes at the elbow of Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers, and now serves as chief musical producer for Annie Moses Band.

What will Alex conquer next? Says he, "I'm still recovering from being recently conquered myself — by my beautiful wife and our two adorable daughters. Maybe in a couple years I'll recover sufficiently to engage in a new endeavor, but right now I'm preoccupied by my amazing blessings."


One might say that Benjamin Wolaver got an early start: he began studying cello at the age of four and writing short stories and poetry at the age of eight. In 2000, he was accepted into the Juilliard Pre-College Program and went on to found the Annie Moses Band in 2002 with his family. Since then he has collaborated extensively as a songwriter, composing lyrics and co-writing several children's musicals with his mother, Robin. An avid reader, Benjamin enjoys history, fiction, theology, and a good cup of coffee to go along. 

In 2012, he graduated from the University of London with a BA in English Literature, and is currently working on a novel, a play, and a screenplay. His favorite things include foreign films, classic novels, historical tours, canoeing, winning Balderdash, and blogging. You can read Benjamin's musings at


Camille Rose Wolaver is a musician and writer living in Nashville, TN. She began piano at 5-years-old and a year later started the harp. She excelled at both instruments and went on to win many competitions and to study piano with Victoria Mushkatkol of the Juilliard School and harp with Emily Mitchell of Eastman School of Music. 

In 2002 she formed the Annie Moses Band with her family, adding B3 to her retinue of musical instruments.  Soon thereafter she returned to Music City to continue her musical studies while traveling full-time with her family, performing all over the United States and around the world.  

Camille has also loved reading since she was a very small child. She wrote her first novella at 8-years-old and has written avidly throughout her life, composing novels, short stories, poetry, and articles for various magazines.  She graduated from the University of London with a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature in 2012. She continues to write, and publishes her musings on her website:

When she is not performing, traveling, or continuing her literary pursuits, Camille enjoys baking, holistic nutrition, exotic foods, and exploring cultural history. She hopes one day to backpack across Europe.  She also dabbles in backyard farming: feeding chickens, taming a beehive, and battling a small and tempestuous garden.  


Gretchen plays the violin, mandolin, and guitar. Her love of music has blossomed into her own songwriting, which is a burgeoning aspect of her artistry. The Annie Moses Band began when she was nine years old, when all she could think about was rescuing wild animals - she joined the group full time at age eleven, when her dream was to own a racehorse barn. Now she prefers to play the music with her siblings and leave the pets at home. 

Besides writing and performing, Gretchen also enjoys cooking, needlework, reading, and riding horses. She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature through the University of London’s International Program. 

So if you run into Gretchen after the concert, you can talk about mandolin brands, Charles Dickens, or horse breeds.


Being the baby of the family is a privileged position, and Jeremiah is pleased with his pedestal. He grew up on the road, making his first cameo appearance at the age of six, playing the classical guitar in  AMB’s Christmas video. When the road became too long, Jeremiah was known to say, “Why do we have to have this stupid ol’ band anyway?” The purchase of his first electric guitar changed all that; he is now a driving force in the band’s electic, crossover style.

A master of art rock, Jeremiah is a prolific songwriter and vocalist. His fearless approach to musical innovation has expanded the creative sentence of the Annie Moses Band. His five older siblings are glad to have the infusion of indie-rock sensibilities and quirky-cool vibe.